It’s raining events in Canberra

After Dark Lantern Tours in the Canberra Botanic Gardens are just one of the many attractions Australia’s capital has to offer visitors

The capital city of Australia is much more than just politicians and diplomacy. Rather, this city is the middle ground between Melbourne and Sydney and has plenty of treats in store for visitors.

During the cooler months of the Australian year, i.e. the months of June, July, and August, Canberra will surprise you with the many vibrant events it hosts. Given the slightly chilly climate, Hertz car hire in Canberra is a great option to zip across from one event to another without getting stuck in the rain. You can select a car of your choice from the many pickup locations in the city.

1. National Film and Sound Archive

There is never a dull moment when you walk into the National Film and Sound Archive. Throughout the months of June, July, and August, a range of films from a range of cultures and genres are screened. The beginning of June features a host of indigenous films to commemorate Reconciliation Week.

The National Film and Sound Archive also features the history of Australia’s audiovisual heritage through preserved archives. This is a unique and informative experience that the whole family can enjoy while visiting the city of Canberra.

2. The Truffle Festival

A series of food festivals take place over the course of 8 weeks in Canberra and provides locals and visitors the chance to devour some rare and delectable truffles.

There are many festivals around the region over 8 weeks, but for the best truffle experience, the Majura Valley is recommended. Not only will you have the chance to taste a truffle dish and watch a cooking demonstration, you will also learn more about how truffles are found in the ground. Do not miss these exotic treats.

 3. Keepsakes: Australians and the Great War

A remarkable historical experience awaits visitors to Canberra. The National Library of Australia opens its doors to a historical exhibition until July 19. With memorabilia and long lost treasures from the Great War, this splendid exhibition offers a rare opportunity to gain insight into the personal stories of those involved in the First World War.

The National Library is located centrally in the city and there is plenty of parking available.

4. Skate in the City

Between June 26 and July 26, the city of Canberra is transformed into a magical winter wonderland when Garema Place becomes a unique open air ice skating rink. Each day throughout the week, the skate rink is open to people of all ages and skill ranges. Friday nights are the time to disco on the ice with a DJ dance party session taking place.

The fun doesn’t stop at the edge of skate rink, rather the whole area has plenty of other family-friendly attractions such as delicious food and memorable keepsakes from the winter-themed photo booth.

5. After Dark Lantern Tours

There is no reason why enjoying Canberra has to end when the sun sets, even in winter. Make sure you’ve packed some extra jackets before zipping your way to the Australian National Botanic Gardens. From June 6 to August 1, the gardens host an event for families on the first Saturday of each month at 6.30pm.

Here is your chance to participate in a lantern making workshop which is a fun, craft-related activity anyone can partake in. Once the lanterns are complete, a host will take you on a guided night tour of the gardens where you can learn more about Australia’s unique flora and fauna.

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