7 tips for female travellers dating abroad


Read on for an American woman’s tips for finding love on the road.

Plenty of women travel the world either with friends or on their own. Most the time they will find themselves having a bit of a romance and possibly even meeting their future husband. While this is incredible and exciting, it is crucially important to remain safe when dating abroad.

Dating can be a bit tough anyway so when it is in a foreign country it can become even more daunting. Some countries may not have a culture where picking up women or men at bars is a normal occurrence whereas other countries might not even allow public displays of affection.

When travelling, it is important to learn and understand the way of life of the different countries to remain safe when dating and to also enjoy the dating experience. Follow these seven dating tips when travelling abroad:

1.    Don’t fret over the language barrier

One of the most daunting things when it comes to dating abroad is the language barrier. It can be quite a strange feeling when standing in a bar surrounded by people that are talking in a different language. We may not know all the different languages when travelling however we do pick up a few things along the way. Making an effort to try and speak their language will be more then charming and will be well appreciated.

English is one the most common languages in the world and so they should be able to speak a little English if they aren’t fluent. Don’t worry too much about the language barrier when dating abroad as it shouldn’t get in the way.

2.    Don’t use pick up lines

Pick up lines just seems to be a way of dating in America but in other countries pick up lines could actually be deemed offensive. The last thing we want to happen is to cause a fight in the bar or to be thrown out for a bit of innocent flirting. When travelling into different countries, take the time to watch how others act in the bar or at the beach. There is also plenty of information on the internet to research before heading into a new country.

An example of a country that doesn’t use pick up lines is the Netherlands. The locals are very open when it comes to dating and don’t play games as much as Americans do. In a country such as this, it is best to simply ask a guy out or start a genuine conversation.

3.    Know the PDA rules

As well as pick up lines, what also might offend locals is too many public displays of affection (or any public displays of affection at all, for that matter). In some countries, PDA can actually be a criminal offence so do the research before heading to any new countries.

We all feel the need to be a bit touchy feely when dating and feel comfortable and so this can sometimes happen naturally without thinking, especially if we have had a few drinks. Even though this is normal and natural for us, it may not be a normal and natural thing for them.

Take in your surroundings and judge whether others display their affection in public or whether this is an uncommon sight. Respect their wishes and their culture.

4.    Don’t fall for exoticness

It can be so easy to fall head over heels for a man who has beautifully tanned skin and an exotic look but beauty runs so much deeper than that. This can surprisingly be a hard thing to remember when we’re out on the beach and we see a local man whose exoticness has us infatuated. We can easily forget all sense of danger and fall head over heels for them without even knowing them.

There is absolutely no harm in being attracted to a handsome man but it is important not to forget to stay safe as looks can be very deceiving.

5.    Don’t get too drunk

One of the most important things to remember when dating abroad is to not get too drunk as we can easily lose control of ourselves and could be taken advantage of. While having fun is certainly something travelling is all about, it is vitally important to always remain safe. There are way too many stories of how women travelling abroad have been kidnapped, raped and even killed. Always stay in control of yourself by not getting too drunk when out having fun.

6.    Use the buddy system

Another thing that is important to stay safe when dating abroad is to stick to the buddy system. Don’t ever go out alone with a man without knowing him. It can be all too easy to follow a man into a car because of his charms and handsome looks but it is important to remember that looks can be deceiving.

When going on a date with a man when abroad, make sure to take a friend along and even make it a double date if he has a friend. Do this a few times before going it alone. We all meet friends when travelling solo so ask one of them to come along on the date with you.

7.    Don’t insult their country or culture

Even when he is talking about his own country and its problems, it is always best to just listen and not offer a negative opinion on the subject. Having a negative opinion can insult them and make them go on the defensive.

This doesn’t mean that the subject can’t be discussed at all but it is best to play it carefully as after all, they know their own country better than we do.


As a final word, just remember to always stay safe when dating abroad by staying in full control and sticking with friends. The most fun can be had when staying safe travelling.

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