Every manmade thing was created by someone.

Someone thought, hey, this could work. This might make things better. This is beautiful.

There’s this idea that creativity is a hallowed space that you enter deliberately.

But no. Cooking dinner is creative. Writing in a birthday card is creative. Creativity is like salt or butter. It makes everything better.

Don’t beat yourself up for not being creative enough. The act of creating anything – even a spreadsheet – is creative.

Instead, congratulate your creativity. Encourage it. Feed it, and pet it, and tell it to come back anytime.

And your personal creativity? It’s perfect and exactly the way it should be. Like DNA, your creativity cannot be replicated by anyone but you.

My advice? Set it free. Let it loose. Let it run around the park and jump in the pond. Let it get dirty and come home panting and stinking.

Because every manmade thing you love – a song, a pen, a book, a glass – was created by someone who thought, hey, this could work. 




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