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It seems we live in a world of always more.

It is enormously calming to know you have enough. Enough love. Enough money. Enough security.

Western culture is built around concepts of achievement, betterment and expansion.

Most business conversations deal with increased profits, improved margins and market growth.

But what if you are, have, and do enough already?

It means you don’t have to go shopping to buy things you don’t need. We all need food, shelter and clothing but what about all that other stuff?

If you need socks, buy socks, but don’t freak out about wearing the same dress to a wedding, or not looking professional enough, or feeling fat so you buy something to hide under (I am a victim of all of these things).

You don’t need to please or impress people.

You don’t need to do anything beyond what you’re already doing because everything is AOK the way it is.

You are perfectly enough.

And if you feel like you have too much or you are doing too much? Stop. There are no awards for being the busiest person.

My friend told me that in Byron Bay, when you ask people what they’ve been up to, they say not much; that they’re actively trying not to be busy. What a refreshing approach when, in places like Sydney, busy is the automatic answer.

Balance is not achieved by always leaning towards the future. Sit safe in the knowledge that today, you have enough.





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