Give yourself some credit

If you are wearing these shoes, I take it all back. Take a long, hard look at yourself.

It’s really easy to look around and give everyone else credit.

You love that woman’s shoes, she has pretty eyes, she is so articulate … the list goes on.

Why aren’t we this positive about ourselves?

If you’re completely honest, do you think more negative than positive things about yourself?

I am constantly criticising my weight. If I could get back the hours I have spent thinking about my weight, it would be years of time.

Sure, I am overweight but I have always been a chubster. What I never really stop to think about is that I have heaps of other good stuff going on. I like my shoes. I have pretty eyes. I am articulate. Why don’t I ever think about that?

So please, friends, stop and give yourself some credit. Stop focusing on flaws. Stop thinking about how awesome everyone else is. Stop and be kind to yourself.




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