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The Grayson Perry exhibition is on at the MCA and it's BRILLIANT
The Grayson Perry exhibition at the MCA is one of the fun things I have done recently

People are all about balance these days; work/life balance, balanced diets, balanced schedules.

But what about the bingers? The people who immerse themselves so completely in a subject that it’s all they think about? Who spend every last cent on the thing they love? Who forget to eat (or eat too much) because they’re so caught up in something?

Doesn’t that sound like every genius ever?

There is this idea that it’s not healthy to do too much of anything, and sure, that’s true if we’re talking about drug, alcohol or gambling addiction.

But what if we’re talking about pursuing your passions? Why shouldn’t you go to the movies five times a week? Why shouldn’t you practice kicking a ball for hours and hours? Why not read every book and watch every YouTube video on a subject, if it means you come away with an exceptional depth of understanding?

Lately I have been a little more permissive about how I spend my time. I have been watching a lot of food and cooking shows because I really want to understand nutrition, gastronomy and how to be a great cook. I also watch tonnes of movies, especially Academy Award-nominated ones, because that’s the only grand final I care about. I read loads of novels and spend heaps of time on Pinterest looking at illustration, floristry and interior design because that’s what I love to learn about.

Do I feel bad for it? Nope. I feel inspired! I’m psyched to keep going because I feel like I am being creatively nurtured by all this beauty and culture.

So I say f*ck balance. Throw yourself into things. Go hard and work your ass off. Lock yourself in the hothouse of involvement and force yourself to bloom.






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