Grow where you want

PlantsAdults are crazy. We, adult humans, spend the first 25 – 35 years of our lives getting an education, building a career and racking up credit card debt only to find ourselves in a place we don’t want to be.

Guess what?


You can change jobs, you can move house, you can change cities.

The beauty of being an adult is that you can choose. Ain’t nobody making you do nothin’.

And this is the part where everyone starts making excuses. But my mum. But my debts. But my XYZ.

Here’s the thing: all living things have a natural habitat. The right amount of sunlight, the ideal amount of water, an optimum level of nutrients.

Your job – the real work of living – is to find out where that is and to grow there.




1 comment on “Grow where you want

  1. I stumble upon your blog from time to time and always enjoy reading your entries. I just had to comment on this one! I have always lived my life on a whim, never too scared to make drastic changes in the pursuit of adventure. A few years ago I thought I needed to be a bit more serious, so I moved to the city (Sydney), started a ‘career’ job in the pursuit of stability, money and all the materialistic things I thought I wanted in life.

    I have never been so miserable.

    I found that despite this and wanting to make drastic changes in my life in order to be happy, I somehow found I was making excuses not to change; it will get better, I will start to make friends here and I will start making money. Finally, I have gotten to the point where I realise this path is a dead end and it’s time to start writing the next chapter. So next year I am moving to the country, changing jobs and starting a degree. I don’t know if it will be right for me but I can only try. Over the past few years I have found that adversity can teach the greatest lesson; if you aren’t absolutely bursting with happiness and fulfilment – change!

    Sorry to give you my life story, but you are so right on this topic and I think a lot more people need to realise the power of change.

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