Joey’s annual portrait

The time has rolled around when I need to record Joey’s third year in visual form.

But which photo to choose? It’s so hard. The past two years, I’ve commissioned portraits by two skilled artists, Katie Shriner and Cathy Stait-Gardner. These gimlet-eyed, steady-handed women perfectly captured the changes that I want to hold in my heart forever.

And this year, I am going to get canvas prints from but trying to choose a photo that captures Joey at three is surprisingly difficult.

And should I just get a canvas print or get it printed onto aluminium or in acrylics? Should I get us all a cushion printed with his funny little face just for lols?

As he grows, he becomes increasingly complex.

And as his mother, I pay immense attention to the details. Every new freckle and scar may as well be on my own skin.

How do you capture the essence of a three year old? It’s like trying to bottle a butterfly.

My three year old son is oh-so-friendly and vulnerable. It hurts to watch because some kids aren’t interested in playing with him. But kids who are shy? He takes their hand and sweeps them up into his game.

His emotions come out of nowhere. One tickle fight could light up the entire grid and one tantrum could down power poles from here to Wollongong.

He eats too much sugar and watches too much iPad (my fault) but he’ll also play with the chickens, the dog, his Monster Trucks or whatever stick or rock he finds along the way. He will eat cucumbers and cheese burgers in equal measure.

The other night in bed, he reached out and put his hands on The Spark and I’s shoulders and he said, ‘I love you guys’.

How do you take a photo of that? You would need to put a camera down into my belly where his words throw sparks.

My boy. My love. My wild and beautiful thing.

1 comment on “Joey’s annual portrait

  1. “You would need to put a camera down into my belly where his words throw sparks.

    “My boy. My love. My wild and beautiful thing.”

    You always know how to put powerful emotions into words. This resonates so much. Love this and you xx

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