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how-to-save-timeI never thought mopping would inspire me to do anything but here I am, writing a story about a mop – or to be specific – the best mop in the world.

I have been slopping away at my polished board floors for years with a straggly-ass thing that eventually snapped in half because the handle rusted through.

The First Husband promptly popped up the street and invested $12 in a new mop.

Mon dieu – what a difference! This mop has a rotating head, lots of ‘hair’, a suitably long handle and covers twice the territory in half the time.

This got me thinking – what else was slowing me down? How could I save more precious minutes?

Over the years I have come up with lots of ways to save time that would make Swiss ancestors roll over in their perfectly organised graves. Here’s a selection:

1. I don’t bother folding underwear.

2. I don’t iron anything that doesn’t absolutely have to be ironed. This includes pillow slips, doona covers, tea towels and jeans.

3. I don’t even attempt to keep my cupboards tidy (except for my clothes). If I can find things, that’s all that matters.

4. I got my eyeliner tattooed on.

5. I don’t straighten my hair anymore. Instead, I just try to control the frizz with products or tie it back in a pony tail.

6. I don’t paint my fingernails.

7. I rarely wear high heels because they are hard to walk in, hurt my feet and slow me down.

8. I always use my own computer for work because other people’s computers tend to suck.

9. I wash my face with water and slap on some moisturiser in the morning. I don’t bother with cleansing and toning.

10. I do a big grocery shop every now and then so I always have food in the house.

11. I eat lots of fruit (no preparation required).

12. I don’t watch TV (it is the biggest drain on time of anything ever invented).

How do you save time? Care to share your best time-saving tips?

14 comments on “Life and stuff: How to save time

  1. Haha all of these totally make sense! And while I iron my sheets and pillow cases there’s no way I iron underwear. Even hubby’s tshirts don’t get ironed in Winter as he wears jumpers and no-one will see them! 😀

  2. Love a good time saver!

    Mine are: laser hair removal, bus instead of train (reception for calls/texts/email), dry shampoo, and typing while nail polish is drying.

  3. Only time saving thing I really manage is in the kitchen. I make a big pot of tomato sauce once a week (4 x cans of tomatoes, 2 x chopped onions, handful basil, salt, pepper, red wine, tomato paste, any left over herbs – which takes about 10 mins to chuck together and 1 hour to simmer) and freeze it in little bags then use it for chicken parmigiana, pizza, pasta – super easy and quick to throw a meal together. Also do a big cooking day when I have time and make 3 or 4 meals then freeze into portions – lasagne, soup, kofta etc. I buy food in bulk and freeze it and plan the day before to yank something out. Means I cook far less and there’s always something yummy to yank out of the freezer.
    I’m with you on the no ironing. Can’t remember the last time I ironed.
    I would love more time to clean but just don’t have it so we are going to get a cleaner… I’ve resisted for years but now I think probably worth the investment 😛

  4. Ha, I’d forgotten that people actually do iron their sheets – Lorraine, you’re too funny!

    If I had money, I’d hire someone to save time for me. An assistant who does all the boring things: sit on hold while waiting to talk to the electricity company, go to Medicare for my refunds (or sets it up so I can claim online), go to the post office to pick up parcels… that would be very handy!

  5. And seriously, that mop is amazing.

    If anyone needs a new mop, there is a little shop on Marrickville Rd that sells them for $12 and they are quality! Total bargin.

    I can’t believe I’m so excited about a mop? Hmmm……

  6. Mel – you saw straight through our evil scheme! I wanted to sell something sexy, like Amway cleaning products, but Stevie decided that mops had high profit margins…

    The jig is up, I guess…

  7. I don’t fold when I pack!! Chuck it in.. It’s gonna end up messed up anyway.

    If it fits in the bag- go for gold!
    (much to security and customs disgrace 🙂 )

  8. Actually Mel, you’re new place could do with an amazing mop with all those tiles to keep clean. Consider it a house warming gift! lol….

  9. Hi there. Yes, we do! Please follow @SheGoesOz or go to the SheGoes facebook page (although I am terrible at updating it!)

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