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I had a Hawaiian Ka Huna and lomi lomi massage today and it changed me.

This looks nothing like Cherie, the massage therapist at Sydney Ka Huna Centre

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much our bodies affect our mood. It’s moronically obvious but I have been feeling dreadful all week. My neck and back have been killing me, I’m tired and I have a mysterious pain in my chest.

Ir’s hardly surprising that I have been feeling down.

I had a few wines on Tuesday and Wednesday night to cheer myself up.

I felt worse.

Then I had a really good massage and zing! Instantly less sore. Instantly less sooky.

The older I get, the more I wise up to this stuff. Diet, exercise and sleep are the holy trinity of baseline happiness. Get it wrong and I struggle. Over the years, I have built on this with supplements, medication and specialist treatment.

I am currently in the process of fine tuning; finding the perfect pillow, wearing flat shoes and cutting back on alcohol (it makes me depressed). It sounds very grown-up to say it but I am becoming aware. What a relief!

How does your body react to things? Are you kind to it? Do you listen to what it’s trying to tell you?

If you live in Sydney and you want to try traditional Hawaiian Ka Huna or Lomi lomi, check out the Sydney Ka huna Centre. It was one of the best massages I’ve ever had (and yes, I paid full price!).




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  1. Ive had one of these massages and I went in to it not really knowing what it was all about.. After I got over the initial total nudity “woah nobody wants to see me from that angle!” awkwardness I found it a really incredible experience and I was left buzzing afterwards for a few days. Since then, I have replaced that feeling with carbohydrates. And so far that seems to be working for me. mmmm bread..

  2. There is nothing like a good massage to get you back to feeling human again. I somehow survive with a rather heightened level of tension in my neck and shoulders most of the time but when I can’t take it anymore and get a massage that sense of relief afterwards is amazing.

  3. Sounds amazing – will definitely have to try one of those. I’ve been no-booze and only-raw-vege-and-fruit this week and it’s social-life suicide, but an AM energy-kick like no other! Once another week’s done I’ll try and find a happy medium, but in the meantime, here’s to the journey, beautiful!

  4. The joys of an expert massage are felt on every level: physical, emotional and yes, spiritual! But then a dud massage can leave you feeling worse than before.

    I love deep tissue massage – it really helps ‘un-knot’ me. I have scoliosis, so I get frequent back and neck pain/stiffness, but as others here say, you just learn to live with it. I should be more kind to my body and have monthly massage (at least) but I don’t always have the time or funds.

    Another therapy I swear by is Bowen Therapy. The movements are so subtle, the results so profound! It was invented by an Australian – and you don’t even have to take your clothes off!

    On the food front, I react badly to a lotta stuff (gluten’s the big one) and I just can’t drink as much as I used to. That’s definitely an age-related thing, I figure. But then I appreciate it more when I do. Spend more on a good bottle of red, or top shelf gin, drink less so it averages out $$-wise – but savour it MORE!


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