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I am the least competitive person on earth. I have been known to walk off a netball court because I was bored. Admittedly I was five at the time but it accurately illustrates how much I care about winning (ie. I don’t).

Life is not a race. I am not your opposition.

Competition leads to some pretty foul behaviour. I was on the receiving end recently when one of my peers decided to turn a straight forward work project into a Battle for Supremacy.

Umm, whaaaa?

"Well, this is embarassing," thought Gerard. "I always find that European double kiss confusing."

We were supposed to be supporting each other; not trying to sabotage the project or make the other person look incompetent.

Competition can be a healthy motivator. I mean, who doesn’t like to occasionally triumph at something? Win the pitch, win the sweepstakes or win the game.

It only becomes insidious when people place competition – the desire to stand above others – above all else. Above compassion, above team work, above kindness and, in the case of my peer, above the respect of your colleagues.

What do you think about competition? Are you a winner? A loser? How does competition affect your self-esteem?




3 comments on “Life + Stuff: Competition

  1. I’m not good at being competitive either. No fire, no rage. I’ll just frolic in fields of daisies with you Em

  2. Love the word competition. I clicked on the link because I thought I could win something, so where’s my prize?…

  3. Rita – yes please! Fields of non-competitive daisies who are happy to share the sunlight.

    Gen – you are hilarious. Your prize is my everlasting friendship.

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