Life+Stuff: Needs

You need:Perfect

1. Air

2. Water

3. Shelter

4. Food

5. Sleep

6. Exercise

But really, there’s more to it. You need clean air and water, nutritious food, safe shelter, enough sleep and exercise to stay strong. You possibly need money, literacy and numeracy skills and some form of medication to function effectively.

I believe humans need each other. We need friends, family and lovers. Most adults need sex and intimacy and laughter. We need purpose, hope and a sense of community.

What you don’t need is more crap. You don’t need a new TV. You don’t need a gym membership. You don’t need alcohol or drugs or gambling. You don’t need stilettos or a Playstation. You definitely don’t need a new car.

What you need is love, peace, humility, kindness and grace.

Get those and you won’t need to worry about the rest.

What do you need to stay happy? I, for one, really need sunlight!

3 comments on “Life+Stuff: Needs

  1. That’s another great post on this theme. I agree with (but struggle with) all of it!

    Here are some other things that I need to keep me happy:
    – Mental challenges
    – Natural beauty (eg a sunset or a view)
    – As well as time with others I really need time by myself
    – Space and equipment to cook with
    – Dear friends (ie not just people to talk to, but people to share with intimately)

  2. Much of my happiness is a result of making wise decisions and choices and understanding and accepting the consequences (definitely not always easy). You can have all the air/water/shelter/food/TVs/cars/friends etc in the world, but if you make dumb decisions/choices happiness will still evade you. At least that is my experience so far….and oh, I shouldn’t forget that foot massages and chardonnay also put a smile on my face!

  3. After returning from a six week holiday and slowly trudging my way through my emails, I’ve stumbled on this post and here is what I need.
    – More travel
    – to continue learning
    – right now more sleep and to not be in the office for 3 more hours!!

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