Love is grand

Falling in love is kind of like being dealt a hand full of aces by a unicorn who is your best friend

OK, so my previous statements about falling in love may have been wrong.

Love is actually pretty nice.

It’s like sucking on helium and drinking Champagne and walking on sunshine all rolled into one. I know it’s just endorphins. I know it’s biology trying to kick me into procreativity. I know this and yet …

… it’s bliss.

I feel great. I feel loved. I feel loving. I feel full of a big, warm, mushy feeling that is remarkably similar to buttery mashed potato. I smile for no reason and I wonder if this makes me look more mentally ill than usual.

I think that I may have been getting sex magic (to be defined as the irritating and involuntary attachment that forms after shagging) mixed up with real love. It’s like comparing West Coast Cooler with Veuve Clicquot.

Love is excellent.

I understand if this is making you vomit in your mouth. I just did and yet …

… to be continued.


2 comments on “Love is grand

  1. Maybe the earlier description was still right for how you felt with that person.
    It may have been love, but if there were razor-sharp edges to avoid…I imagine I would have felt similarly on edge..

    This time round however, it sounds flat out swoony! Lovely to hear btw.


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