Mother’s Day for step mums


I am a step mum (even though that thought seems too big for my head).

I may never have kids so my two step daughters could be my only chance to be a parent of any kind.

And yet, I have no stake in them. Nothing biological to tie us together, no authority.

As a step parent, you are basically a support person; the runner who goes to the shops, the parenting intern.

I cook, I clean, I read bedtime stories. I do parental things without entitlement.

But now I have access to a world I have never been part of before; a world of children’s birthday parties, concerts and schooling. The strange and hilarious thoughts that spring into a child’s head and the frustrating irrationality of a child not wanting to put on shoes.

It’s a fun ride and one that I feel lucky to be on.

Some people think that step parents should be pitied, in an ‘Oh wow – you took that on?’ kind of way. And sure, there will be rough patches.

But I was having rough patches before this. Lonely patches. I feel like this is a graduation. I get to be a real grown-up doing something useful.

Because that’s ultimately what being a parent is about – being useful – so for all the step mums out there, happy mother’s day to you too.

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