Moving house, goddess Kali and Picasso

Goddess Kali is the fearsome one: the goddess of destruction in the Hindu pantheon.

What I love about her – and the whole school of thought surrounding the Hindu G.O.D concept (Generator, Operator, Destroyer) – is that it acknowledges that death and destruction is a critical part of the wheel of fortune.

Which brings me to: moving again.

Our current landlord is an absolute creeper. He’s ended our lease because of a dispute over a cupboard door and some patchy lawn.

It’s been a year of real estate agents trying to intimidate and bully us over minutiae. Overgrown jasmine. An unpruned branch. Some removable hooks. A long list of complaints over tiny things. It’s been frustrating and scary because it undermines your sense of security when someone can take your home away from you on a whim.

Which brings me to: Picasso, who said, ‘Every act of creation is at first an act of destruction’.

This house is comfortable but oh boy, it’s expensive and we want to save for a house. This neighbourhood is peaceful but it’s also very isolated.

We have been forced into a crisis of destruction – we have to dismantle this home and find a new one.

But the beauty of that? We will find somewhere cheaper so we can save more. We will move closer to town where we can walk to a cafe for a Saturday morning coffee, one of things we miss about our old place in Glebe.

Sometimes circumstances force us to abandon the easy way in order to find a better way.

What do you need to destroy in your life in order to make space for something that serves you better?




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