Pieces of you


We are all made up of little pieces of each other.

Whether it’s something tiny, like the way I chop vegetables (thanks Victor), to the way I fold fitted sheets (thanks Mum), there are a million little behaviours that I have adopted from my friends and family.

I am always thinking of the people in my life – of all the conversations we’ve had or the things you’ve taught me. I look around my house and I see gifts you’ve given me or things that you’ve introduced me to (salad spinners, a crocheted dream catcher, a microplane for Parmesan and lemon zest).

It could be that I am reading a book you loaned me, or I that I am making a dish you once cooked for me.

I read a story set in Rome the other day, an experience that made me revel in gratitude for the friend that I travelled there with (Jen). Without her encouragement and organisational skills, I still wouldn’t know what the Spanish Steps look like.

It can even be unglamorous things like a mutual frustration with the inner city cockroach population and a shared interest in eradication methods (Holly).

These things make me feel connected to you.

These things are my treasures.




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