There is nothing quite like a good poop to make you feel better.

The strange thing – even with all the talk of fermented foods, gut health, and probiotics – is that no one really talks about the end game. The Poop.

I was shocked and delighted when a colleague of mine casually mentioned that she loves living near work because she can poop at home.

Shocked because she was so honest. Delighted because she was so honest.

I used to be painfully shy about this; a problem that, when combined with an anxiety disorder, made for some awkward times.

You see, anxiety gives you symptoms similar to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, meaning proximity to a ‘safe’ toilet is vital.

By ‘safe’, I mean private. Somewhere your bowels can freak out in peace.

The trouble is that when you work with a bunch of girls, no one even admits to the fact that they poop, let alone the fact that they poop right there in the building.

Office pooping is a delicate dance of sitting silently, waiting for people to leave the bathroom, running water, or using the disabled toilet.

In my last office, someone went to the trouble of putting up a sign that pointed out the ‘paper thin walls’ to alert sneaky poopers to the fact that HEY EVERYONE CAN HEAR YOU.

How relaxing.

Pooping is something everyone does, most people enjoy, and few discuss. Why is that? Why won’t people admit to having a fully-functional lower intestine? What is your experience of pooping politics? And have you ever made the mistake of leaving the house after drinking not one, but TWO cups of colon cleansing tea?



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