The ex files

Just get it over with, you two!

Why can’t people just get over their exes? Why is it that when we think we’ve moved on, they’re still there, lurking in our subconscious and muddying the waters of our happiness?

I have exes that pop up from time-to-time. Some are predictable; so predictable that I could write the script for any interaction.

Some are less so.

I have one ex that called me recently – drunk out of his mind – on the eve of the birth of his daughter. I have another ex, who despite living overseas and re-partnering, likes to remind me that he thinks about me every time he checks into a hotel room.

One thing is for sure; I know that I can’t see my ex-husband without wondering why the hell I broke up with him. He’s hilarious and gorgeous and whenever I see him (and smell his Fahrenheit cologne), I am transported back to a very happy time. It’s confusing.

But there’s the rational override that occurs. The list of reasons why it didn’t work. The love never completely goes away but then there’s this glimmering thing called the future. Called hope. Called faith.

How do you deal with your ex files? Do you stay friends? Would you give them another go? Do you ever really get over someone you’ve been deeply in love with?




1 comment on “The ex files

  1. Hey Popfunkel!

    Do you remember me? Take 5 and all dat?

    I’ve been ruminating about kah-putted relationships a bit too much again of late and blah, blah, blah came across your blog. It’s lovely to hear your ‘voice’ again as I did miss it a lot. I look forward to spending some time catching up on your posts!

    Much love!

    Dave L

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