The questionable joys of early pregnancy


Ahhh crying and vomiting. Yes, that’s what you feel like doing.

Inspirational quotes on Pinterest make you weep, an especially beautiful day makes you teary, and anyone being remotely nice to you causes unbidden eye precipitation.

On top of this, there’s the never ending nausea. You feel like you have a really bad hangover¬†all the time.¬†

The only food you can stomach is the kind of stuff that teenage boys wish their mothers would let them eat: hot chips, potato chips (anything in the chip family is a hit), toasted cheese sandwiches, and Vegemite on toast. Also, fizzy drinks and juice.

Say goodbye to your old friend coffee because it makes you feel like you are going to die (or at least wish for death).

Also wine. Bye bye. Regardless of your stance on pregnancy and alcohol, well, it doesn’t matter anymore because wine makes you want to die as well.

In my case, I had to go off my meds (Pristiq for anyone who is wondering). This means you have to deal with anti-anxiety medication withdrawals, as well as all of the above. Who knows what’s making you emotional and sick? At this point, it could be anything.

My advice is this: bunker down. Cancel everything. Watch Netflix and eat salty snacks. There is no point fighting the filthy demon of morning sickness because you will never win and you’re too tired to fight anyway.

What symptoms did you (or your baby mama) have? When did they leave?



2 comments on “The questionable joys of early pregnancy

  1. Congratulations Emma – such an exciting time! I hope you feel better soon – that hangover feeling I remember all too well. I had severe morning sickness with two of my pregnancies, which caused me to lose – yes, lose – dramatic amounts of weight. I had to be medicated and don’t know how I went back for more kids! But it does pass, and the end result is absolutely worth it! All I can say to you is hang in there, and be kind to yourself xx

  2. 2 minute noodles, cheese and tomato sauce was the winner for me. After drinking 4 cups of coffee a day I couldn’t stand the sight or smell of it. I made my husband make his coffee outdoors! Smokers on the street OMG! And i could smell things going off INSIDE my fridge! For me sorry to say it lasted 35 weeks. ; (

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