The thing about resolutions

You won’t act on them until you’re ready.New-Year-Resolutions-Quotes-16

No arbitrary date will make you lose weight, no fireworks display will help you quit smoking, and you won’t get out of debt simply because you decided that this is the year.

Change can be glacially slow or hummingbird rapid.


Because something needs to change in your chemistry, your heart, or your life. Willpower can certainly push that change along but, like waiting for a natural birth, it won’t come until its time.

Every year I write ‘lose 10 kgs’ and ‘get out of debt’ on my list of goals.

Funnily, these two goals are at odds for me this year. I am getting married in three months’ so losing 10 kgs has become a priority but getting out of debt has become 10 x more unlikely.

The key? Something changed in my situation that pushed open a door in my psyche for the weight loss goal.

Set your intentions and wait. The change will come one day, one week, one year when you’re truly ready.

What are your New Year resolutions? What would need to change for you to achieve them?


PS – Here are two Claire Bowditch songs that sum up resolution making for me: Amazing Life and Are you ready yet?





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