What love is

This product is called a ‘slanket’ aka slut blanket

What love is:

Love is choosing to forgive, even though you’re angry or disappointed.

Love is talking about things in an honest, uncomfortable way.

Love is admitting your imperfections and accepting your partner’s.

Love is focusing on the positives.

Love is laughing at yourself and lightening the mood when it’s all too easy to be serious.

Love is choosing to keep loving. There is no perfect person (including you). If you want love – this love – in your life, you need to keep choosing to love every day.

Love is doing things for your partner just because you know they like it; not because you necessarily do.

Love is honouring yourself and your own needs so you are in a position to honour someone else’s.

What love isn’t:

Bouquets, teddy bears, balloons and lingerie.

Package deal dinners for two with a glass of sparkling wine.

Heart-wreathed ‘romance’.




1 comment on “What love is

  1. Really well said Em.

    Except for the lingerie… Love can be lingerie – well at least the person wearing it!


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