Honey Atkinson

Why everyone needs a Honey

I realise this sounds like the beginning of an R&B song set in da club, but no.

The Honey I am referring to is my new friend.

She is a bad ass eco-warrior. She turned 70kgs of tomatoes into passata, she makes her own pasta, yoghurt and water kefir (among many other things), and buys most of her ingredients in bulk. She buys clothes and homewares at Lifeline, and is no stranger to kerbside rummaging.

She gets angry about plastic.

She uses old newspapers to line her bin.

She lives an incredibly eco-conscious life where she raises chooks, has her own backyard beehives and veggie gardens.

So what does this mean for me?

I am deeply inspired by her. Her attitude has forced me to evaluate my own consumer habits. I have been trying for a long time to reduce my environmental impact but everywhere I look, I realise how poorly I am performing.

From nappies and wipes, to mountains of packaging in the recycling bin (that incidentally will not get recycled because China and India are now rejecting Australia’s recycling), I am creating rubbish left, right and centre.

Part of the challenge is budget: organic food and green energy are expensive.

Part of the challenge is laziness: it’s a lot more labour intensive to make and grow all of your food from scratch, and harmless cleaning products are not as effective.

And part of it is a sense of greed: I want all the things that society tells me I should have. I don’t want to be restricted.

But the truth is we are all going to be restricted if we don’t clean up our act.

So here’s to me pulling up my (sustainably sourced bamboo) socks and making a real commitment to being less of a locust and more of a worm.

To find out more about my awesome new friend Honey, check out her website, Will Work For Food.

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