You want to support women?

If you genuinely want to support women and believe in equality, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Do more housework. As my sister wisely said, *if you’re not doing half, you’re not doing enough. (*when this is fair. i.e. if both parties are working full-time)
  2. Do more childcare. This means taking paternity leave when your children are born and, if your workplace doesn’t offer paternity leave, lobbying for it. Let’s raise a generation of kids who think it’s totally normal that Dad cooks, cleans, changes nappies, does school reading and drop off/pick up.
  3. Don’t tolerate misogyny. If your colleagues, friends or family members are misogynists, call them out on it, report it and stand up to it.
  4. Check your privilege. If you have *never walked to your car with your keys between your knuckles or avoided somewhere at night because you’re afraid you will get attacked or raped, then you don’t know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of your average woman. (*noting the privilege implied here in terms of owning a car and being able to walk)
  5. Talk to women about their experiences of sexual assault and misconduct. Most women have a story that ranges from inappropriate through to criminal.
  6. Stop watching exploitative porn.
  7. Stop supporting exploitative industries. For example, sex work industries that engage in human trafficking.
  8. Be a great feminist. Speak up, stand up and use your power to advocate for people who don’t have a seat at the table (yet).
  9. Stop making excuses for crappy role models. A talented footballer that is a rapist has lost the privilege of public respect.
  10. Don’t treat your daughters differently to how you treat your sons, no matter how much unconscious bias you have to overcome to do this.
  11. Learn about informed consent and teach your children about it.
  12. Don’t body shame, victim shame or slut shame anyone.
  13. Support businesses that have equal gender representation on their Board and Executive Leadership team.
  14. Stop saying things like ‘he runs like a girl’ or ‘she’s a ballbreaker’
  15. If it wouldn’t be fair to do it to a man, don’t do it to a woman. For example, paying someone less for the same job, giving them less opportunities for promotion because they have children, or excluding them from invitations because they don’t play golf.
  16. Never assume a woman doesn’t know/cannot do anything. Ask them and if they genuinely don’t know/can’t do, offer to TEACH THEM.
  17. Assholes come in all genders. Just don’t be an asshole. It’s that simple.

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