3 ways to make your luggage stand out

This is the bag I bought at a charity auction when I was drunk. Clearly Drunk Emma is all about PINK and SHINY and OMG $400 is a total BARGAIN!

You know that moment when you’re standing at the luggage carousel after a long haul flight and you can’t find your bag? You’re jostling for a front row position to get a better look, but you’re stuck behind a family of size or a couple with eight designer suitcases or a group of twenty-something backpackers. Indeed, it’s not ideal, but it happens to many a seasoned traveller.

So what’s the best way to navigate the fear of your suitcase getting lost amid the chaos of a luggage carousel? Make sure it stands out! To ensure your bag is easy-to-spot and save time between leaving the plane and bundling yourself into a cab en route to your next destination, follow these three simple tips.

Buy a bright suitcase
It seems to be every second person that goes through an international airport has a large black suitcase. All look strikingly similar in shape and size, and the majority have two zip compartments and a sturdy handle. If you invest in a suitcase that is different to the status quo, there is no doubt you will be able to easily identify your luggage and make your way to awaiting bus, car or train sooner. Look to luggage specialists such as Luggage Direct for a suitcase in a quirky pattern, bright colour or with a unique feature. That way, when it is time to collect your luggage you will be able to see if from afar.

Invest in luggage tags
While luggage tags may seem like a minor detail that no one will ever look at, it is important to take the insurance measure of tagging all of your suitcases before moving through multiple airports and transport stations. Purchase a good quality luggage tag before your trip and be sure to fill in all of your details, including name, contact number, home address, email address and intended destination. Having your details neatly listed will allow you to ensure you have picked up the right piece of luggage with ease, and will also come in handy if your luggage is lost.

Tie a ribbon around the handle
Finally, in order to ensure your luggage stands out on the carousel, tie a bright ribbon in your favourite colour around one of the handles on your suitcase. Tie it in a tight knot or bow with minimal overhanging material so that it sits firmly in a place that you will be able to see whilst your bag is on the carousel. This trick is common among regular travellers, so be sure to choose a ribbon in a wacky bright colour, texture or pattern so that it is easily identifiable from a distance.

Following these three travel preparation tips will help you avoid that ‘someone took my luggage’ fear at the carousel as your bag will be an easy-to-spot rainbow. This should ultimately make your transport days run more smoothly –allowing you to quickly move yourself and luggage from the airport to your awaiting destination. And who doesn’t feel happier with a little bit of colour on their travels?!


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