How to transfer money internationally

If you’re suffering from a case of itchy feet and are either contemplating a big ol’ holiday or perhaps even relocating to a new country, then I’m sure you have your mind on your money and your money on your mind – not sure I can really pull-off rap lyrics …

Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of money, approves

However, dreaming readers, if a new location is what you desire, it’s probably a lot easier to manage your cash than you may think. Providing you’ve saved up the required funds for a big move, there are a lot of useful companies that can help take the stress out of travelling, moving and sending money abroad.

While money and bank transfers overseas inevitably include double the currencies, and therefore the odd complication and or cost, leading currency exchange specialists such as Travelex provide a variety of services that take the financial stress out of travelling.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your money while enjoying a getaway, the Cash Passport is a purse must-have. You can load up to nine currencies onto it, so if you’re road-tripping your way through Europe and hitting a few stops along the way that don’t take the Euro, you won’t be caught short. Its chip and PIN protected too, so if you lose it while salsa dancing at a Madrid-based tapas bar, your funds can’t be accessed by another.

If you’re boldly planning a big move abroad, a transfer service that can help you out when buying or renting your ideal new home is a must. Travelex’s international money transfer service is a smart and simple way to move your money. They regularly check the exchange rates of major competitors and international banks to provide competitive ratesJust think, any money you manage to save can be put back into supporting local businesses, such as bakeries, cafes and the odd tavern.

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