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Shoes for Your 2021 Beach Holiday

Many people are already looking forward to their 2021 beach holiday (here’s a packing guide for families, if you’re interested). The thought of the sun, sand, and sea helps a lot of people to get through the colder seasons and gives them a goal to look forward to.

Planning the type of clothing you wish to take with you in advance can help you to find good quality items at a discount, as well as to push you to meet that last little weight loss goal, or maintain your current weight. 

While your clothing choices are important, you may also want to consider the shoes you plan on taking. There may not be room in your suitcase or other travel bag for an abundance of choices, meaning you will need to narrow it down to the essentials for any conditions. 


A good pair of slides can be a great addition to your vacation wardrobe. These are versatile enough that they will keep your feet protected when walking on pebbles or hot sand on the beach, but also not run the risk of slipping off. NOVO’s range of slides comes in many different styles and colours, meaning you will be able to find something to complement your other beachwear quite nicely. It would be up to you whether you choose to match these to your outerwear, or even to your swimwear. 


Some women prefer to wear other forms of sandals when on the beach, including those with more support or ankle straps. Likewise, a cute pair of sandals matched with your favourite party dress can help you feel great for a night out. 

Sandals can come with or without a heel, depending on your own preference. This means that you can look just as glam in a flat shoe, if you find that more comfortable, as you would in a killer pair of heels. The strappy nature of sandals can also help them to look daintier and more feminine, if that is the look you are going for.


You may not have considered trainers for your vacation, but they can really come in handy. Whether you wear them for ease and comfort at the airport, for a quick morning run on the beach, or when shopping, it is up to you. There is a high chance that, while you will enjoy all the beach has to offer, you will not be spending all your time there. Trainers can provide a great way to allow your feet to breathe in the heat, while still maintaining comfort and protection should you spend a day exploring your getaway town. 

Going on holiday and getting away can be a great way to spend time with loved ones, as well as to physically relax and aid with your mental wellbeing. Choosing the best outfits for the climate you will be visiting can help you look as great as you’ll feel. This includes footwear, which can allow you to remain comfortable even in the most glamourous of settings, without the need to take your entire shoe collection with you. 

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