The most dangerous driving habits that cause car accidents

Here in Australia, we have a problem. Not enough people take safety behind the wheel seriously enough. Every year thousands of car accidents happen on Australia’s roads and a substantial number of them are caused by distracted driving and other dangerous driving habits. It’s easy to think that in the event of a crash, your airbag will protect you, but in these cases, prevention is much better than cure.

This issue isn’t just prevalent in Australia, it’s a problem all over the world. So, it makes sense that we take some responsibility and do what we can to avoid a crash. Having a good insurance policy can help protect you from the financial repercussions of a crash – click the link to get a quote from Qantas car insurance – but surely it’s better to avoid a crash in the first place.

Here we’ll explore the most dangerous driving habits that cause car accidents. 

Using a smartphone behind the wheel

Our handheld devices are part of our lives. In fact, we store more personal information on our phones than we do in our own homes. You don’t have to be addicted to your smartphone to be using it behind the wheel. Even quickly checking a notification and glancing away from the road ahead can have serious repercussions. 

Skipping songs on your driving playlist, adjusting your map, messaging, holding your phone up to your ear to talk and even streaming whilst driving are all classic examples of distracted driving. Something which can have devastating consequences.

Drunk driving

We all like a drink, especially after a long day or to enjoy our free time with friends. Sadly, many people still elect to get behind the wheel after they’ve consumed too much alcohol. You don’t have to be falling over blind drunk to cause an accident, even being slightly over the limit can impair your vision, your coordination and your ability to make safe decisions behind the wheel. Thousands of drivers are pulled over each year in Australia due to drunk driving. It’s incredibly selfish and dangerous. 

Not wearing a seatbelt

You’re only driving down the road, you don’t need to put on your seatbelt, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, most car accidents occur within five miles of home. Often due to overconfidence. Combine this with failing to wear a seatbelt and you could end up in a life-threatening situation. Wearing a seatbelt is required by law.


Modern life is hectic and most of us are struggling to keep up. This means a lack of energy and when you get behind the wheel, it’s a dangerous mix. Fatigue is another dangerous driving habit that could have you caught up in a crash and claiming on your insurance. If you’re tired behind the wheel your reaction times are much slower, your level of concentration is poor, and your vision can also be impaired. If you’re too tired to drive – don’t!

Final thoughts…

If you’re in a car accident as a result of one of these dangerous driving habits, then you could invalidate your insurance and be left completely unprotected. Be smart and drive safer. 

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