pre travel checklist

Your pre-travel checklist

Little things you should do before your next global adventure

Have your travel plans been cancelled? Or are you waiting to find out if you’ll get to embark on your great global adventure? The world is a little different right now, and as far as travel plans are concerned, many of us are feeling as though we’ve been left in limbo. Here’s something I wrote about the future of travel, as I see it.

Despite the uncertainty and the confusion, there are plenty of things you can still compete and arrange before having your travel plans confirmed (or delayed). Here we’ll take a look at what tasks should be on your pre-travel checklist and what you need to have arranged before you next global adventure. 

Your travel money

Travel money is a big headache for many travellers. You want the best rates, so you have to check and compare both rates and fees in order to get the best deal, as well as not doing it too early or leaving it too late. Thankfully, you can use this time to find the perfect exchange rate deal – without having too much of a headache! The Currency Shop helps travellers compare literally thousands of exchange rates with just a few clicks, making the whole process incredibly easy. 

Compare travel insurance providers

You shouldn’t go anywhere without travel insurance. So, getting ahead with finding the best policy is a good idea. You should consider a policy that covers you for travel mishaps such as lost luggage and cancelled flights, as well as a policy that protects your health and any medical treatment you might require whilst abroad. Don’t travel without it!

Check if you need a Visa

This seems painfully obvious, but it’s for this reason the importance of visas is often overlooked. If you arrive at your destination without the correct documentation then you’ll have to get the next flight home. An expensive mistake to say the least. Research the requirements to enter your chosen destinations and apply for the paperwork as soon as possible.

Check your passport is in date

Every traveller has nightmares about forgetting their passport. But reaching the airport and finding your passport is out of date? Your entire trip won’t just be delayed, it’ll be completely cancelled. Ensure that your passport is in date for the dates you hope to travel and bear in mind that some countries require your passport to be valid for a certain length of time before you enter their country. 

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