Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Quest 2013

So I am an entrant in the Tamworth Country Music Festival Queen Quest 2013. I have always thought I would make an excellent monarch; doling out sweets to street urchins, flipping coins to peasants and generally entertaining the court with hilarious quips about cake and my wacky husband Louis.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Liz was a stone fox in her day

But I digress. Queen Quest is actually about professional development and the truth is that underneath my un-ironed, late-rising exterior lies an Obama-in-waiting. I have a deep desire to be famous to do good things in the community. I love the idea of talking to Girl Guides about Germaine Greer and VPL and why they should download Girls and max out their family download limits as soon as possible.

I have always – embarassingly desperately – wanted to be one of those people who gets the chance to tell kids that they’re going to be OK. That it doesn’t matter if they’re weird or fat or if PE makes them feel stupid – that life gets better when you grow up. I also want to harp on about the importance of education, self-respect/love and why they should never take career advice from their relatives.

So, subjects friends, I hereby swear that if I become the 2013 Queen of Country Music, I will dedicate my immense powers to helping local teenagers do whatever it is they dream of doing (provided that doesn’t involve Passion Pop).

I will be blogging for ABC New England North West throughout the Festival so I will share news from the front by linking to those posts.

Long live the Queen!











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  1. I hereby nominate Emma for Queen of Oz! (Or was that Priscilla? I forget, and am easily distracted.)

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