Saigon: Love at first sight

A Weimann_Saigon (1)

Anya Weimann is having a love affair with Mr Minh. It is not like me to fall in love with a city straight away. Certainly not with large crowded cities that are part of the international trail of tour-groups and backpackers. But when I got to Saigon and met Mr Minh, all my defenses were […]

Packing Guide for Thailand and Vietnam


There are certain idiosyncrasies that it’s worth knowing about before you head off to South East Asia, particularly for the ladies, as there are quite strict standards of dress at some religious sites. Here’s my foolproof guide to not looking / feeling like a total d*ckhead in Asia: 1. Cover up It might be 35 […]

Asian vs Western Attitude: Jai yen yen (cool heart)


Thai and Vietnamese people are fundamentally hospitable, friendly and almost a little bit innocent. I know I am generalising and that is always dangerous but this has been my consistent observation over two trips to both countries or, put another way, 13 months of waiting for someone to lose their cool. So far, it hasn’t […]

Tipster Tuesday: Thailand and Vietnam


Guess who’s going to Thailand and Vietnam in two weeks’ time? Uh, that would be me.   The utterly delightful people at Thai Airways are sending me on a little adventure. To say I am excited would be like saying the Dalai Lama is a good bloke. I am beside myself. I am travelling from 3rd […]

The Geography of Beauty: Hot or not?


In some countries, I am considered beautiful, and yet in other countries, I am considered a blubbery, white freak show. The conclusion I have drawn is that beauty is as cultural as anything else. My friend Tennille who is currently living in India recently wrote about a particularly cringeworthy visit to the beauty salon. She was told by […]

Same Same, but Different


There once were some boys named Two Tims, Who went overseas on a whim, When they got there, The folks loved their hair, Those crazy young boys named Two Tims.   There is nothing quite like a limerick to start off your Monday right, right? Remember the Two Tims who were profiled in Travel Tales […]