Same Same, but Different

same-same-but-differentThere once were some boys named Two Tims,

Who went overseas on a whim,

When they got there,

The folks loved their hair,

Those crazy young boys named Two Tims.


There is nothing quite like a limerick to start off your Monday right, right?

Remember the Two Tims who were profiled in Travel Tales a little while back? You’ll never guess what they have been up to … cue suspense …

OK, I’ll tell you – they have been in Asia making a documentary for Contiki called Same Same, but Different.

I know it’s Monday and you’re wildly motivated to get stuck into something involving an Excel spreadsheet but I urge you to neglect your work for another 10 minutes and tune into this rollercoaster ride around Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Click here for a mental holiday to the far out east:

Tell me, Dearest Ones, what are your favourite travel shows? Has there been a particular episode that has stayed with you?

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