Fun stuff to do this weekend

Fun stuff to do this weekend Harlots
Bitchy booby fun times

WATCH: Harlots streaming on SBS on demand is full of big-bosomed Victorian sex workers getting embroiled in inter-bordello fights, murder, snuff conspiracies, having brothel babies and falling in love with sexy Irish man-whores. So much fun.

Fun stuff to do this weekend Judith Lucy

LISTEN: I am a sucker for a good podcast and the best one I have listened to lately is Conversations with comedian Judith Lucy where she talks about her new show.

Fun stuff to do this weekend Normal People

READ: Normal People by Sally Rooney has kept me captivated for weeks. I love the Irish lilt in the dialogue. The main characters’ constant ‘misses’ in terms of getting it together romantically remind me of One Day by David Nicholls.

fun stuff to do this weekend Kale Slaw

EAT: As most of you know, I am a kale hater. WELL. This week I discovered Woolworth’s Kale Slaw. This pre-packed salad comes with a dressing and a seed/toasted coconut mix that makes kale taste like a little piece of Byron Bay. On the sweet front, my beautiful family daycare mum, Bahareh, introduced me to the wonders of dried mulberries (they’re an Iranian New Year thing). So yum.


Got any good tips for me? Please share! I am always looking for new fun stuff because mama has to rage against the beige!

I am looking for a reliable horoscope site, a new magazine to read, some new recipes for autumn/winter, new kinds of tea to try, restaurants and cafes to visit (especially ethnic or hippie), natural wonders to appreciate, bush walks and swimming spots, op shops (especially hidden gems), affordable yoga retreats, psychic and clairvoyant recommendations, gardens that are open to visitors, festivals that are child-friendly but also really crunchy/rainbow-y (I am still too chicken to commit to Woodford Folk Festival with Joey). I would also really love to see some live music and go out dancing so I would love to hear where (and when) you are doing this!

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