Fancy Bangkok

Holy schamoly. I have just spent the past two days in the Ratchaprasong district in Bangkok and it is fancy.

I have been to Bangkok quite a few times and, every time I come back, I am struck by its increasing sophistication. That’s not to say it’s losing its soul. It’s still very much Thailand. The spirit houses, Bai Po (Bodhi trees) and billboards with the king are still here. It’s just that Bangkok has cleaned up its act so its a little more accommodating for the sweaty, white people.

This time: wow. Admittedly, I am on a work trip and so I’ve been staying at The Intercontinental, got to try a spa treatment at M Spa at The Four Seasons, drank an Asian Mai Tai at Octave Bar on the roof at the Marriott and ate at District Grill Room and Bar, the Grand Hyatt’s Erawan Tea Room and one of Thailand’s best restaurants, Issaya Siamese Club.

This is not a budget trip but what you would spend here on the most luxe accommodation, food and spa is what you would blow on a very average hotel room in Sydney. I am so impressed.

What’s more, they have built covered raised walkways between hotels and shopping centres in this part of town so you don’t get a) drenched in the rainy season, b) stuck in traffic, or c) suffer from heat stroke. There’s also the Sky Train so if you need to head farther afield, you can easily catch a train, thus avoiding the legendary Bangkok gridlock.

If you like eating mind blowing Thai cuisine, having world class spa treatments and lazing by the pool in a balmy, tropical climate, I sincerely recommend the Ratchaprasong district for a stopover (or for the whole damn holiday). It’s impossible to be disappointed.

Have you stayed in the Ratchaprasong district? What did you think?

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