How to find a Bali villa

Villa Lataliana is the one that I want. I can practically smell the frangipanis.

This has truly been one of those weeks. Joey is teething and has also learnt to crawl. I have at least 100 new grey hairs.

I have also had some weird tummy bug, been crushed by deadlines and for some mysterious reason, can’t sleep.

Such fun.

Naturally, my thoughts turn to holidays. Namely, when am I going to get one and how soon can I book it.

A few years’ back, The Spark and I went on our best ever holiday to Bali. It was crazy luxurious and we have since vowed to go back and recreate this experience, albeit with three kids in tow. There may not be quite as much day time drinking or inappropriate pool antics but goddamn it, we’re going.

It’s not going to be for a few years as Joey doesn’t even have a passport and I genuinely can’t conceive taking this three ring circus overseas but it’s fun to dream.

I have always wanted to go on one of those villa holidays where you have a butler and a maid and you laze around the pool all day. I know that is incredibly bourgeoise but this is all taking place in dreamy dreamy land. In my real life, I am the maid.

The tricky thing about Bali villas is that there are so many to choose from. Who knows whether Villa Indah is different to Villa Damai? It’s not like a W or an Anantara where the brand name gives you some insight.

I have since discovered Bali Villa Escapes. All you have to do is go to the site, find a villa you like and they do the rest. You can chat online with a consultant and all prices are quoted in $AUD.

I have spent a lot of time looking at (and writing for) travel booking sites and I can honestly say this one is very well-designed for its niche.

Bali Villa Escapes manage about 100 villas themselves but represent many more in terms of arranging bookings. The main areas that they focus on are family-friendly Seminyak and Canggu, with villas ranging from 2 bedders right up to 6 bedders.

Where is your next holiday to? CAN I PLEASE COME?

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