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Self healing with meditation in Bali

For the past year, I have been meditating nearly every day (sometimes twice). 

It all started with an article I was writing about mindfulness apps. I asked my friends on Facebook and several of them mentioned an app called Insight Timer. 

Curiosity got the better of me and I downloaded it, and subsequently fell head over heels in love with meditation. 

Why? Because it helps me focus when I am foggy, it helps me find calm when I am agitated, and it takes me to a beautiful still place. 

I am basically hooked on peace, like some people are hooked on crack. 

I crave peace, I actively seek peace, I get twitchy when I cannot find peace. 

And while peace lives inside me – strong and serene – there are definitely places in the world where peace will find you, whether you’re looking for it or not. 

One of those places is Ubud in Bali. Set high in the lush, tropical rainforest, Ubud attracts yogis, writers and peaceniks of every shape and size. 

The whole village is overrun with wellness retreats and yoga centres like this one.

The tricky thing becomes finding a place that offers your kind of wellness. Some people like green juice in the morning, and gin and tonic at night, while others want to eat a plant-based diet in total silence for 10 days. Ubud has everything from wellness lite to hard core cleanse so a little bit of research is required to ensure you find the right amount of enlightenment.

The Traveloka site – a flight, hotel and experience travel booking platform – has a nifty little section called Traveloka Xperience that has customer reviews, as well as prices, locations and service listings to make that whole process easier. You can book securely through the site and receive an instant confirmation so you won’t waste time trying to get into full or cancelled classes. 

Traveloka started in South East Asia so it’s got this corner of the world absolutely nailed, and will give you ideas for activities that you have never even heard of. 

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