Campervan – yes or no?

Have you ever been on a campervan holiday? The reason I ask is that I am going to Woodford Folk Festival over the Christmas and New Year break and I am considering hiring a campervan for it. Not only are campervans entirely waterproof; you can also lock them (last time I went to Woodford, someone went through all my stuff but mysteriously didn’t steal anything. Weird).

Lego camper
Benefits of camper = dry place to sleep

Would you recommend it? Is it worth the investment? I don’t really need it to drive around in (except for the odd trip to the beach at Caloundra and in to the Woodford shops). Would it be worth it just for the sleeping and security benefits?

I have been checking out campervan hire Brisbane for prices and pick-up locations but I’m just not sure.

All advice and feedback welcome. Campervan – yes or no?

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