I give up. I’m not going to fight it any more. I am going to be more or less drunk for the rest of the year. I know that seems unprofessional but when you’re an editor working in the travel and events business, I swear to you, it’s inevitable.

What the bottles said

What’s more, I have forsaken my old friends at Cellarmasters and I pledge allegiance to Jims Cellars wine online because bloody hell , they have good stuff going for a song.

Are you in or are you out? Are you planning to spend the next month in a Nurofen Zavance, caffeine and ethanol haze? Or are you trying to keep out of the melee sipping on sparkling water? If so, HOW ARE YOU DOING IT? Where did you get your willpower from?!

2 comments on “Drunkcember

  1. Jonny, I am sorry to say I did drink non-stop for the rest of the year. Today is my first ‘AFD’ (alcohol free day) in a looooooong time! Happy travels to you too.

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