Kosciuszko hike

Natureboy loves a good walk. This is his story about a rather long stroll in the countryside.

A few friends recently made a pact to do more outdoorsy things. After a few walks and car camping trips, someone decided we should walk the main range track from Charlotte Pass to Kosciuszko – the highest point on the Australian mainland. Plans were hatched, dates debated and soon enough, we were off.


The snowy mountains has a large population of kangaroos and wombats; I once hit a ‘roo on the way to Jindabyne so I’m very cautious there now – there are just so many on the road. Once you arrive in the Kosciuszko National Park there are plenty of camping spots to choose from. We set up camp at Island bend on the Guthega Rd. Camping is free after you pay the park entry at the gate. The campgrounds are basic, but well laid out.


The walk itself is almost 22km of some of the most stunning scenery you will see in Australia. There is also 900m of vertical ascent so you need to be somewhat fit for this walk (not that any of our group are super fit, just don’t do this as a first walk!). Make sure you load up at breakfast time.

We saw thousands of wild flowers, glacial lakes, gorgeous clouds over the rolling valleys, pristine water, snow and hills hills hills.


We didn’t get foul weather but it can happen. Make sure you take first aid stuff, warm clothes and rain clothes. Pack plenty of food and water. We went in January and it had snowed heavily the week before. We had a balmy 4-14 degrees, and got sunburned.

Camping and park information (check for updates before you leave)
Walk details


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