Holly Galbraith

Travel Tales: Holly Galbraith

Name: Holly Galbraith

Age: 35

Occupation: Social Media Marketer – Go Future Media

Favourite travel destination?: Really hard to pick, my last trip was Sri Lanka so that’s the top of my list at the moment. An easy place to travel in with awesome people, food, weather, Ayurvedic spa treatments and also really cheap.

Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: In India I was staying in a camp where the meals would be cooked up by a team of women in massive pots to feed loads of people. Each of the pots would have a different curry or dahl – they were the tastiest meals I ever ate.

Best kiss?: My last kiss is always my best kiss.

Best/scariest/funniest drive?: I had a driving adventure through Switzerland, part of Italy, France and into and across Spain, which was one of the best trips I have done so far. I was always freaked out driving through the tunnels but the car train (Furka Tunnel) through the mountain in Switzerland was very cool.

Where is the best/weirdest/worst place you’ve ever stayed?: I have stayed in a few weird places like a room made out of salt in Bolivia and I have been fortunate enough to stay is some pretty awesome luxury places like Conrad Bali Nusa Dua and Montelucia Resort and Spa Arizona.

What has been the big  ‘wow’ moment of your travelling life?: Visiting Easter Island was a life long dream come true.

What is your number one travel tip?: If you can only go for a short amount of time, it’s still better than not going at all.

2 comments on “Travel Tales: Holly Galbraith

  1. Hi Holly,

    A room made of salt? That sounds interesting. I’ve stayed in a few odd places too and it’s fun experiencing both ends of the travel accommodation spectrum!

    I just had to comment because I love zebras – what a great photo.

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