Bronwyn White

Travel Tales: Bronwyn White

Name: Bronwyn White

Age: 48

Current job?: CEO New Young Consulting

Where are you now?: Newtown, Sydney

Favourite travel destination?: This is such a difficult question. I am curious and excited about everywhere.

Best meal ever while travelling?: When I was living in France, I spent my last dollars at the Truffle Restaurant in Paris. Every last cent! And boy, was it worth it. Expensive, decadent, extremely rich!

One food/drink people should avoid at all costs?: After that experience – truffles. I am back on them now, but they are not kind on the digestive system when you scoff them down in an afternoon with Champers. And chicken feet.

Best kiss?: I have to say my husband, don’t I? I met him at the Parkes Elvis Festival. He was in the Elvis competition and came second. We kissed and have been together ever since … It must have been the red.

Best/scariest/funniest drive?: Driving with locals around the Amalfi Coast is on par with driving with the locals around the mountains in Nepal.

Best/weirdest/worst place you’ve stayed?: I am a bogan with a taste for the good life as the truffle experience demonstrates. I LOVE a fancy luxurious hotel. I love to pretend I am something that I am not. And particularly love hanging out in lobbies of luxury hotels and watching people so I also have a creepy side. I have stayed at the Waldorf Astoria in New York and the Raffles in Singapore. I have also stayed in extremely low rent backpackers around the world and 1 star hotels in Paris (while eating at the truffle restaurant).

Biggest ‘wow’ moment in your travelling life?: Nothing has amazed me more than the pyramids and treasures of Egypt. Laying eyes on Abu Simbel and the Karnak temple for the first time.

Number one travel tip?: Don’t stop travelling!

How important is learning the local language?: For me, I find a genuine smile gets you a long way. In most places, giving it a ‘red hot Aussie go’ is all that is required. For example, the French like you start in French, but they will quickly get frustrated when they can’t understand a thing you are staying. It’s about gauging whether your French is better than their English. Once that is all sorted, everything is OK. But a few words in any language is very much appreciated

One thing you’d never leave home without?: Cliche, I know, but Vegemite. How good is Vegemite on a freshly baked baguette that’s still warm …

Next destination?: We are off to Thailand, Kao Lak. It is a nice quiet pocket of Phuket, great for the kids.

Bronwyn White is the founder of New Young Consulting, a market intelligence and strategic marketing agency that specialises in the seniors travel market.

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