Exodus of the city slickers by Greta Lackey

exodus-of-the-city-slickers-by-greta-lackeyExodus of the city slickers

By Greta Lackey

Picture this … three weeks before a long weekend and you and a group of seven others decide to rent a holiday house outside of Sydney. You have the following requirements; a fireplace, a mountainous location, four bedrooms, a tennis court, as close as possible to vineyards, less than a 2 hours drive from Sydney, and ideally on a large property.

What chance do you have getting the holiday house of your dreams? Slim to none from my recent experience.

After much rejection and three dozen or so phone calls, including responses from property owners such as โ€˜youโ€™re dreaming!โ€™, or just condescending snorts of laughter, I was about to give up when I stumbled upon a holiday house that was still available! A three-bedder in Pokolbin, with no tennis court, a small fireplace, and a close proximity to vineyards … so close in fact that we can see vines from each window. Not only can we see the vines, but we can touch them if we walk five steps from the front door … so I paid the deposit there and then! Perhaps we lucked out after all!?

Has anyone else tried to book a holiday house in the weeks leading up to the long weekend and if so, how did you go?

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  1. I have and it was frustrating beyond belief! Sydney doesn’t seem to be good for spontaneity. And being an Adelaide girl, where you can do whatever you want whenever you want – within a 15min radius and for about 20 bucks I often forget this. I won’t be going away this long weekend. I will be staying in Enmore. Probably doing my laundry. Thanks Sydney. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and book for 2011? That is if I last that long in the big smoke..

  2. I always forget when the long weekends are, so by the time they actually roll around I have NO chance of getting a booking anywhere. Oh well, a “staycation” it is (although that has to be one of the worst portmanteaus I’ve ever heard).

  3. Nice work on finding a place Greta! Its not easy at all is seems for this time of year, especially with the Hunter so close to Sydney. It seems if its close to the city, people flock there if the have a few days off. Its even worse for wedding venues we have found. You have to book two years out for alot of the nice ones, especially around the Blue Mountains and the Hunter Valley. Luckily we found a great one. Lets pray no bush fires before October please!

  4. Wow – that does sound rather appealing Elly.
    I have to get down to Adelaide one of these days!
    I hope you do last in the big smoke! It does have its benefits (if you know where to find them) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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