Open love letter to my peeps

To my readers, the fact that you read my blog brings inordinate amounts of happiness to my day. 

To my contributors, sincerely, thank you. I am so grateful for your stories, your insight and your adventurous spirit. One day I am going to pay you with gold bullion and caviar but until then, I owe you big time.

To the people who comment on posts, you rock like the home of the Fraggle. If you’re trying to sell me Viagra, umm, I’m a chick … just sayin’.

I just want us to be one big, happy community.

On this note, I was hoping you could give me some feedback. What do you like about SheGoes? What would you like to see more of? What is helpful? Alternatively, what is annoying? What would you like less of? Is there anything that is bugging you?

Please post your thoughts at the bottom of this story and I will do your bidding. I am aiming to make SheGoes as awesome as possible in time for her (yes, she’s a girl) first birthday on September 24th.

Consider this a ‘Save the date’, yo. There will be a party.


PS. If you like today’s cartoons, check out this site Nerd humour at it’s best!

12 comments on “Open love letter to my peeps

  1. Love your blog. It brings a little bit of sunshine to my mornings! My favourite bits are your wonderful insights into the world around us.

  2. Umm…More Free Stuff! ..Pete D keeps winning it all 🙂
    (just kidding…I dont need free stuff to visit your blog)

    …what about a regular pick the location competition. (no prizes needed)
    people submit photos from around the post one…and we have to guess where it is?

  3. Ooh, I like Mick’s idea (and the fact that no prize would be necessary, just the warm satisfaction of knowing you’re smarter than everyone else is enough).

  4. Well, I’m a sucker for a love letter, so thanks Emma. I love your whole site – how on earth do you keep it up, with a real job at the same time…
    I also love the fact that you let me post my kooky stories, and I love reading everybody else’s, including your own. I have even started contemplating purchasing a vintage caravan!
    Love right back at you, and I look forward to the party.

  5. My favourite thing to do in the whole world is travel, so I love this blog! I enjoy reading travel stories and what it is that enhances people’s experiences when they travel. Cousin Mick’s idea re submitting photos is a great idea.

  6. Well all I can say is that Shegoes rocks and so does the woman who makes it all happen! I see her come home from a long day at work and before you know it she is back on the PC banging out another post for the site. She is dedicated people, dedicated I tells ya! We love you too Miss Shegoes.

    I like Micks idea. Also I think a weekly travel related joke or funny picture would be cool. I’m happy to submit them and will try very hard to keep them clean….ish. 🙂

  7. I love this idea Cousin Mick.

    I will launch this tomorrow. And I will give you some sort of prize too. Would you like a signed copy of ‘Vintage Caravans for people who have nowhere to put them’ or a 7 day rental of a toy poodle?

    Genevieve – we love your stories! Can you really come to the party? That would be TOO exciting.

  8. hi shegoes,

    i also love your site, em. time is flying by if she’s nearly a year old!

    as a ‘gear’ journo, i suppose you could have a bit more of a focus on retail travel gear etc. altho that might take the blog in product directions and away from travel experience? but it might also help you line up more sponsorship options possibly?

    and i like mick’s idea too, exploring even more creative ways of engaging reader involvement, in ways apart from mainly sharing comments (but i feel like you’re very across this already and are way more social media savvy than me). that’s just the message i keep getting bombarded with at the course i’m doing. making things interactive, customisable etc.

    but well done. am always impressed with the amount of energy you have for this!


    ps. mick i’ve only won one thing! (even though i thought my photos for the photo comp were incendiary.) also looking forward to the party…

  9. Love Mick’s idea. Can’t wait to see that up and running.
    Another suggestion maybe the odd post about weird and wonderful events that are happening around the world. Eg Strange festivals, celebrations or a community’s excuse for a party. I know most travellers tend to stumble across one event or another during their journey. I always like to find different things to do in the places I visit, so it is just a thought.
    Great work Shegoes – keep it up.

  10. I do love a crazy festival! Do you want to get the ball rolling? Have you been to anything weird and wonderful over the seas, Miss Rach?

  11. I love the idea about crazy festivals!

    If you’re interested in checking out a few freak fests, visit the below site:

    I wouldn’t mind checking out the Holki in India (The Festival of Colour)… or even better, the Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea!

    But perhaps the BEST of all, the El Colacho Festival in Spain, where grown men jump over new born babies to get rid of any unknown evil spirits that these evil little new borns might hide.

    Good work Em!
    I love the site! It provides me an hour of lunch time reading every day 🙂

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