Travel Tales: Jane Lee

Name: Jane Lee

Age: 24


Favourite travel destination? Barcelona. I still have great memories of a million winding narrow alleys (none of them looking quite the same), hot summer nights spent sipping sangria with strangers in open courtyards, dancing on my own in underground jazz bars filled with improv musicians and streets bursting with colour, character and life.

Worst travel experience?: A family trip to the US, when I was 5…

What happened?: …only because (from what I remember) I spent most of it eating dry cereal and throwing up.

Best tips for beating jetlag?: Try to sleep on the plane as much as you can, preferably during night time within the time zone of your destination so that you can get a head start on adjusting to the time difference, and be as well-rested as possible when you arrive.

What is the one thing you don’t leave home without?: My passport and/or plane ticket, but sadly this has not always been the case!

Do you stay in touch with people while you’re travelling? Of course! I always use Skype unless it’s a bad connection.  Then you’ll find me on video chat on Gmail.

Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?:
Veiner Schnitzel on top of the biggest fort in central Europe (Hohensalzburg Fortress), which overlooked all of Salzburg.  It was a nice reward for climbing what, at the time, felt like Everest.

Best kiss?: 12 August, 2009, at Small Bar in Sydney.  It was with my boyfriend, and it was our first kiss.

Best/scariest/funniest drive?: My 23rd birthday road trip to and from the Hunter Valley with my girlfriends – funny because of the things we found ourselves saying whilst trying to film a video of the trip for our friend who had just moved overseas, best because it was one of the rare moments we were able to laugh and be silly the way we used to every day in high school together.

What has been the big wow moment of your travelling life?: Riding on a boat in Halong Bay and watching the mist part to reveal an unbelievably beautiful landscape of (what appeared to be) floating mountains.

Image caption: In London, on exchange at a birthday party with the theme ‘Under the Sea’ – which somehow turned into ‘paint random colours on everyone’s faces’

Jane Lee is the founder of the IF Project. Her mission is to create an interactive online magazine about human rights, social conflict and climate change in 100 days. She aims to inspire young people find out more about the world around them and their place within it, and empower us all to make a difference to its seemingly insurmountable problems.  The first issue will go live at the end of 100 days (on August 2).  Find out more about Jane’s journey and how you can help her with IF magazine at and support her by ‘liking’ the IF Facebook page

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