Gibraltar Hotel Spring Health Break

The beautiful Gibbergunyah Reserve where you go walking every morning
The beautiful Gibbergunyah Reserve where you go walking every morning

“How do you want to feel today?” asks Moore, our sparkly-eyed yoga instructor. This is the basis of all her teachings; to ask yourself how your choices will impact the kind of day you’re going to have. From exercise, to food, to yoga and meditation, the Gibraltar Hotel program covers everything in a down-to-earth, realistic way.

What makes this retreat even more appealing is the fact that is in a hotel; you’re not squirreled away in a teepee in the bush or in lock down away from wine, chocolate and television. This retreat is about learning to live better in the world, rather than having to escape from it entirely in order to be well.

Moore’s philosophy is simple and refreshing : having the body you want starts with loving the body you have. Rather than being down on yourself for not being able to do all the yoga poses, for struggling up the hill in the early morning bushwalk or trying to force yourself to eat things that you don’t like because they’re healthy, she teaches her students to try things out and find out what works for them.

She said, “Treat things as an experiment, not a life sentence. You don’t have to stick with it but you just might choose to.”

With weight, she said if you follow a whole foods diet, the excess squish will melt away. No crazy dieting or exercise required.

The program kicks off with an afternoon tea of homemade dips and crudités, a hotel tour and welcome talk and a two hour session of restorative yoga. The shift in energy is tangible; everyone is half asleep as they head towards a sit-down group dinner of salads and salmon. Then it’s off to our rooms to watch a recommended documentary called ‘The Connection’ which details the power of the mind in relation to health and healing.

First thing the next morning, it’s up for a bushwalk in Gibbergunyah Reserve which is just beyond the golf course that wraps around the hotel. After that – and yes, a little bit sweaty – the group enjoys a gluten-free breakfast of bircher muesli, yoghurt, fresh fruit salad and baked eggs. Moore encourages us not to cave in to caffeine cravings but doesn’t dictate; we’re free to choose which is the power of this program.

The day ahead includes a wellness talk, more yoga (this time, Yin yoga), spa treatments in the hotel’s spa, a quick salad-making tutorial, more delicious dairy and gluten-free food and a meditation session that sends nearly everyone to sleep, including the guy who started mumbling to himself.

Day two is more of the same – another early morning bushwalk, more amazing food and yoga and a highly informative nutrition talk where Moore gives the group lots of easy ‘cheats’ for improving digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as talking through all of the ‘fad’ items, superfoods and providing some easy recipes for dips, roasted and semi-dried fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks.

Gibraltar Hotel Health Breaks start on Sunday at 3pm and run until midday on Tuesday. The hotel has a pool, golf course, day spa, Harvey’s bar and restaurant, as well as fast, free WiFi . Bowral is a 1.5 hour drive south of Sydney.

For more information about the retreat, click here.

For more information about Monica Moore from Moore Nourishing, click here.



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