pet-friendly camping

Pet-friendly camping made easy

Are you looking for pet-friendly camping and caravanning options? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. According to caravan, campervan and motorhome rental platform Camplify there has been a 190% increase in pet-friendly booking enquiries over the past 12 months.

To meet this massive increase in demand, Camplify has teamed up with Stylish Hound to create a dog-friendly caravan and camper van.

Kitted out with snuffle mats, chew toys, lick mats, fluffy blankets, the OG No-Pull Harness (available in all dog sizes), as well as a collection of dog swim jackets available for loan, the vans make it super easy to take your furry buddy on the road.

The caravan option – Millie, a 1974 Millard vintage caravan (pictured above) – has a fun retro coastal vibe.

The campervan option – Van Morrison – is a luxury campervan that has been fitted out with a variety of power options for off-grid travel. With luxury comforts such as a king size bed, air fryer, running water, double gas cooktop, hammock, heater and ceiling fan, this camper is perfect for small families, couples or solo travellers hanging with their pups.

To book Millie or Van Morrison, head to the Camplify website.

Where are your favourite pet-friendly campgrounds and caravan parks? Got any good tips to share?

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