Dressing table

Tamworth is friendly

Dressing table
Still Life with Dressing Table: Me, preening; Dressing table, inanimate

So I went to Lifeline to pick up a cute little vintage dressing table that I bought for $35 and two strangers helped me in a completely unsolicited fashion.

I was carrying aforementioned dresser out to the car when Helper Number One, an old cocky (the Tamworth word for ‘farmer’) with sticky taped-up glasses stopped me and helped me undo the mirror so it wouldn’t smash on the drive home. This wasn’t as simple as it sounds because the threads on the screws were rusty and we had to go and find a hammer. I told him he was like an Insta-Dad and he said that he couldn’t do things for his real daughters because they live in Seattle and London. Awww.

Helper Number Two was another old bloke who, without even asking, said, “Which one’s your car, love?” and proceeded to carry the dresser to the ute and tie it on for me with the kind of elaborate knots that only seasoned professionals know. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug to say thank you and my hug was returned with crushing gusto. That’s how people in the country hug! With bone-crushing friendliness. I nearly started bawling then and there.

I am SO happy to be home.




4 comments on “Tamworth is friendly

  1. It’s exactly the sort of thing you were missing in the city isn’t it!

    I like the sound of both these gentlemen. There should be more like them.

  2. Country folk are awesome. Always willing to lend a hand. Super hard working but not in the city crush style.
    I live in Pt MacDonnell on the South Australian Limestone Coast and everyone is the same. The true definition of community spirit.

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