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Broome, Western Australia

When we think about doing an Australian backpacking trip, it is easy to think about roaming around the desolate Outback and exploring some wild, windswept beaches.

And although these attractions give us the chance to shake off the shackles of the modern world, sometimes a little tech can make your trip all the more exhilarating.

So from apps that can inspire you with ideas for day trips, to gaming resources that can grant you exclusive access to the delights of Lucky Nugget Casino, here are some ideas for how tech can supercharge your Aussie excursion!

Travel inspiration

As Australia is such a massive country, simply getting your bearings can be a challenge in itself. So it can be a good idea to visit the Tourism Australia website first to plan ahead.

The resource also features apps that offer expert advice on visiting particular areas such as the Western Australia app that can provide a good starting point for getting to grips with this expanse and diverse region.

Getting social

If you’re really keen on exploring the interior of Australia without breaking the bank on airfares, then the chances are that at some point you’ll end up using the extremely handy Greyhound bus service.

And for those solitary backpackers, the Greyhound Locate a Mate app gives you an easy way to connect with like-minded souls on the road.

Aussie gaming opportunities

Whilst backpacking can be full of exhilarating highs, there’s often a lot of time spent waiting around for the next bus.

But thanks to mobile advances, this doesn’t have to be too boring as free gaming apps like Beach Cricket can prepare you for the joys of Bondi Beach, whereas Lucky Nugget’s online casino which is now available in Australia gives you access to all of the games of poker, roulette and slots that you’d find at Sydney’s Darling Harbour but without having to dress up in your finest.

Stickless selfies

Taking photographs has become a central part of any backpacking excursion, and thankfully there’ve been a few handy Australian innovations that should mean that you can leave the selfie-stick at home.

The best of these is the GiGA selfie app that uses a remote camera in one of many GiGA locations that you can trigger from your smartphone so that you can get the perfect selfie without the shame of a selfie-stick!


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