What do you do in Perth?


So I have been invited to write a post about Perth, specifically what I would like to do there.

The catch? I am in the running to win a trip for two if I come up with a list of things I would do if I visited.

The problem? I have no idea! I have never been to Perth. When I think about Perth, I think about mining money and people who get married too young and beaches full of sharks.

Help me out guys. What is there to do in Perth? What is fun? What is new? I think this post pretty much rules me out from winning anything but fluffy hyperbole gives me the shits. What is good about Perth?

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  1. Ahh Perth, one of those cities that you’ve heard of but can’t really pinpoint anything specific about it.
    I’ve visited our western shores a few times and these would be my top tips of things to see/do in and around the city.
    Kings Park – right near the CBD
    Cottesloe Beach – pretty and I don’t remember any sharks being there
    Swan River & Bell Tower – a short walk from the CBD down to the waters edge and there is a lovely park area where you will also find ferry departures and a funky bell tower.
    Rottnest Island – catch a ferry to the island and bike around, checking out the wildlife
    Fremantle – while technically separate from Perth, the history in this area is very cool
    The Perth Mint
    Northbridge was cool for nightlife and restaurants but that may have changed.
    If you are heading out of the city, the wineries in the Swan Valley or further south around the Margaret River are wonderful.
    A few hours east is Wae Rock, but you’re probably best to hop on a bus tour for it.
    A few hours north are the Pinnacles, a very weird natural formation.
    But whatever you get up to, remember Perth’s shopping hours are different to the rest of Oz. Things do move at a different pace, and no matter how much mining money there is, they do still do things differently over there.

  2. Everything Rachel said! Kings Park is great – the Indiana Teahouse at Cottesloe Beach – Northbridge for clubs and bars – Angove Street, North Perth for a cute little retail strip – and galleries galore! Also the Hay Street Mall.

  3. Perth.
    I’ve flung myself all over the country and across the world with work choices, family commitments and just plain ignorance to my health and safety.
    Every time some asks me for my fave Aussie city, I say Perth. It’s prettiest city Australia can lay claim too.
    Stunning beaches, coastlines which promise adventure and solace in exchange for spectacular views.
    An arts and music underground culture second to none, but so unassuming you have to dig at people to get to it.
    “I hear you ran a photography exhibition recently at [insert impressive space]”
    “Oh, yeah…”
    “So how did it go??”
    “Oh you know… it’s still on. Sold out though. So I guess I’ll take some more shots soon. Pretty good I guess”
    Excellent… more talented than me then.. obviously…
    Be careful.. don’t spoil it with a “Hey! Really?? Nice work!! Well done you!”
    With a simple reply of “Oh.. sweet” you may even get a half arsed invite to see it.
    Don’t scare off the the Perthonians with the same dose of excitement you would use with a Sydneyite.

    Bars and coffee houses are full of artistic energy and a relaxed vibe. The people of Perth are a proud race, and yet they are humble.

    They have nothing to prove, because they live in Perth. It’s enough.

    If you were listening to Perth try and sell itself to an Australian on the East coast, your ears would hear this:

    “Oh hey there”
    “Yeah I’m still here”
    “Bit of a trek though … yeah yeah.. I know…”
    “Don’t blame you, East Coast is pretty good”

    It’s like dating the quiet achiever, with all the rewards…. 🙂

  4. I really recommend a few days at Rottnest Island, to see the quokkas and enjoy the turquoise seas and white sand beaches.

    Rachel’s list is perfect. Be sure to visit the Fremantle Markets, which are like a circus on the weekends.

    Northbridge is great for coffee/nightlife, and there is a cute little Chinatown with delish yum cha places nearby.

    The Culltural Precinct nearby is worth a day or two; many museums and galleries,

    Araluen is a mind-blower for scenic beauty.

  5. As well as all those above:

    Fremantle bars and markets are fab. Markets are crazy but def worth the visit. You can visit the Fremantle Prison while you’re there.

    Kings Park is lovely and the outlook over the city is beautiful.

    Subiaco is great for restaurants and bars.

    All the beaches are beautiful – Cottesloe and Scarborough being the main attractions. The water is almost always nice and flat in the mornings, but the Freo Doctor will blow in each afternoon and whip the water up a little more. Mornings are best to visit the beach, as you quite often get sand blasted in the afternoons with the wind if you’re wanting to lie on the beach.

    Northbridge is still great for bars, eats and nightlife. There’s a great little bar/restaurant called Kitsch Bar that we went to in Dec. Food was delish, it’s a really funky little place, and the cocktails were yum. You would love this place

    Andulaz Tapas Bar and Greenhouse Restaurant, while we didn’t go there in Dec, are very very well rated.

    There’s also a cultural centre in Northbridge that comprises of the Library, Museum and Art Gallery etc.

    Perth Zoo is nice if you like Zoos. You can pay a bit extra for more close up experiences on entry, such as feeding the giraffes etc.

    Watch the sunset over the water – it is so beautiful! Great to watch from a bar with an ocean outlook. Hillary’s Boat Harbour is nice – shops and bars and restaurants there. Having said that it’s been quite a few years since I went there.

    There are a couple of WA breweries that you can visit too.

    Visit SciTech if you want to get your nerd on.

    Rockingham and Shoalwater Marine Park if you want some marine experiences.

    Lots more to do down South if you head that way.

    Perth is like a big country town – the roads aren’t crazy, it’s a slower pace in most suburbs, shops aren’t open the same hours as Syd, but it’s a gorgeous place. And there’s lots to find if you do a bit of research – so many amazing little bars and restaurants now.

    Good Luck!

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