Why I need retreats

I recently returned from a two night stay at Billabong Retreat and – wow – what a difference.

The 48 hours I spent there shifted something.

The past month has been really tough and I’ve felt it in my body. My stomach has been sore – in both the muscles and digestive system – and sleep has been elusive. My balance has been way off.

But two days in a place dedicated to healing, rest and spiritual reflection? It’s tipped the scales back towards the positive.

It is important – if not absolutely critical – to make time to listen.

To listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

To listen to what your heart is trying to tell you.

To quiet your mind so you can hear.

It can be very hard to make space in the everyday with the noise of children, televisions and phones blaring around you. When your fridge is full of habit-purchases. When you are being pushed and pulled by work and washing.

Sometimes you have to retreat in order to change.

Places like Billabong Retreat offer the opportunity to connect with nature by swimming in a natural pond surrounded by waterlilies. The yoga, meditation and workshop programs allow you to tune into a different channel – one that is all about your needs. The spa therapists are skilful and the chef, Simon Favorito from Your Conscious Kitchen, creates dishes that are delicious and filling, and yet remarkably simple.

Yesterday I made sauerkraut, hummus, salads for the week, spinach pie, bliss balls and an apple crumble.

Today I made veggie mash for my son and did yoga while I listened to Middle Eastern music. I diffused aromatherapy oils while I worked.

I know that I’m a cliche. I know that I am a middle aged woman who lives in the ‘burbs. I know I’m a bit overweight and that I reach for a wine at 5pm.

But I also know that retreats work for me. They push me back in the right direction and encourage me to make lasting changes.

If you have no hesitation getting your car serviced or paying for house insurance, you should absolutely consider investing in a health retreat. It’s essentially the same thing but you’re doing it for your longevity. How much is an extra day, week or year worth to you?

Have you ever been to a retreat? What was it like?

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