Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa

So I went to Wolgan Valley, Emirates’ 5 star luxury resort set on 2,000 acres of former grazing land just near Lithgow, NSW.

The resort at sunset
The resort at sunset

I’d heard a lot about this place, seeing as though it’s supposed to be the best luxury lodge in Australia.

And you know what? It is pretty damn good.

What I liked about it is that, despite all the hype, it’s really down-to-earth. The buildings are constructed from local hardwood and sandstone, the furniture was made by a couple of blokes from Tamworth and the design features – light fittings, lamps, etc – are made from things like rusty old feed troughs and tractor axles that the construction crew dug up.

The menu is organic, sustainable and,wherever possible, sourced from within 100 miles of the property, most of the wines are from Phillip Shaw and Printhie in Orange and Lowe in Mudgee, and the spa uses pure essential oils and organic products.

Wolgan Valley just won the ‘World Saver’ Award in the 2012 Conde Nast Travel Awards because it’s a wildlife sanctuary as well as a super fance lodge.

We went on a wildlife drive where we saw family groups of wallaroos, Eastern Grey kangaroos and most excitingly, WOMBATS. We learnt about their burrows and survival techniques (they have a surprisingly tough patch of cartilage and skin on their butts that protects them from wild dog attacks).

Have you been to Wolgan Valley? Do you want to go? Shall we go together in your private helicopter with your credit card?

The specially designed beds
The specially designed beds
The pool
The pool near the main homestead
A really bad iPhone pic of a wombat

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  1. Oh that has made me desperate to stay in this Wolgan Valley wonderland! Please let me know if you find the person with the credit card and willingness. I’ll be entourage.

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